Lama environment

Lamas typically live at altitudes around and above 2.500m. However, in Greece Mount Olympus is already run by an almighty family, so Gerakas, at about 200m above sea level, was the next best option to build our barn. Adaptability at its best!

Building, Offices & Culture

Lamas are outdoor creatures, so the environment matters a lot to us. That’s why we looked for offices that respect the environment from the get go. Lama’s offices are in a purpose built, bioclimatic building that has been awarded the LEED Gold Standard.

To deliver creative work that makes a difference in people’s lives we also need to be inspired. That means offices that are fun, relaxing and pleasure to be in. A place that stimulates cooperation, positivity and a can-do attitude.

Our environment must also reflect our ethos and thus make a difference: This means we actively foster a working environment that promotes a healthy work life balance, fair remuneration, respect and inclusion for all.

Although we believe creativity sparks best when we’re together, we’re fine with remote working when needed and try to take advantage of some of the other amazing possibilities Athens affords for out of the office inspiration.

Our Values

To be honest, chances are you’ll never read this section.
I mean, who reads a company’s Values these days? Who cares?

Well, WE care!

So we’re sharing them anyway with those of you who want to know us better. We struggled to limit them to four but couldn’t. Here are our five core values.


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