What is Lama

Good question!
Lama stands for Literally.amazing.advertising. Haha, we’re kidding.
Or not? Well, we need your imagination here. Send us an e-mail with your proposal and if it enters our Top 10, we’ll send you a lama surprise!

l .... a ..... m ...... a .....

Ok, now that we have your attention let’s cut to the chase.

We are the freshest creative agency in town, an agency with a difference. Our fundamental belief is that any piece of advertising should leave a positive mark on people’s lives. Whether it’s a tiny spark or something that truly makes a difference, our philosophy is that advertising in today’s world needs to be more than just a hard sell.

Our company goal

Our goal is to create the kind of company we always wanted to work for:

"Sadly" that didn’t work out so we changed our goal to this:

Doing innovative creative projects that not only stand out from the crowd but actually make a meaningful difference - big, or small- to our audience’s lives, together with clients* that share this vision.

*And yes, Mr/Ms Client, we do mean the last part.

We guess you’re still wondering “Hey, who the *@#$% are these folks? Are they doing this alone?”

The answer is no! Lama is powered by DDB, one of the most robust and reliable networks in Greece. This allows us the agility and creative freedom to make a real difference, while also benefitting from the full spectrum of services that our clients often seek.

How we do it

Well, folks, that’s our secret recipe and we wouldn’t just reveal the ingredients like that! Let’s make a deal. We’ll share the A and B for free but if you wanna know C to Z we’ll charge you. Fair?


is always at the heart of what we do

Love Brands don’t just happen. Engaging communication that makes a difference takes deep consumer insights, a clear understanding of the category and the broader cultural environment. Powered by meaningful, data driven insights, it’s often possible to go a step further with out of the box thinking, “moving beyond just advertising towards problem solving”.


with a touch of boldness

Many great ideas never happen because conventional thinking leads us to believe they’re impossible. We’re here to prove that wrong! Lama is a small ecosystem of creativity, technology, solutions and disruptive ideas. For us disruption is not just a means of doing communication, is a way of thinking. In a nutshell, we love to make lamazing work! (Sorry we couldn’t resist a pun especially after two looong paragraphs of seriousness)

Ok, but why ‘Lama’?

We thought you’d never ask! Well, lamas are very smart and super social. Lamas are also rare and unique, they’re actually a hybrid of different species. Just like us. (And, yes they’re cute too!)

With their natural habitat at elevations ranging from 2.500 to 4000m, they’re able to carry heavy loads whatever the weather, so if your brand is aiming high with bold objectives we’re the best for the job, no matter that our offices are on the ground floor!

Finally, any connection with the first letters of co-founders Lazaros and Matt is purely coincidental.

We swear!


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